Wednesday, April 1, 2009

On A Pentium-II

I'm making this blog post from my old IBM Thinkpad 600E, which is powered by a Pentium-II 366MHz processor and 64MB RAM. It runs Opera 9.64 on Windows 98 and can send/receive email and post to my blog without breaking a sweat. It makes you wonder how newer machines have lots and lots of processing power but you only need so much to get the job done.

I must admit though that for the amount of processing power I get, I do spend an awful lot of electricity. With the same number of electrons it takes to power an old computer, I can run a brand new shiny Thinkpad. My newer Thinkpad T60 also generates lesser heat, so I'm guessing the cooling fan uses lesser electricity and I'm less likely to turn on the air conditioning.

Anyway, I do my part by shutting down the 600E when it's not in use so let's all just take pride in knowing that an old Thinkpad 600E is still alive and in service on the frontlines.

PS: I would install Linux on it but I can't find a driver for the USB interface of my SpeedStream ADSL modem.

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