Sunday, April 19, 2009

WordPress Mod: Authenticate via ASP.NET

I hooked up a WordPress blog to authenticate via ASP.NET. It's wicked, I tell you! After hacking through the WordPress source code, the integration was quick and easy from both the PHP and ASP.NET sides. The purpose of the integration was to deal with differences in hash algorithms, so we wouldn't have to create user accounts with completely different passwords.

We still would have to build a component on the ASP.NET side to push profile changes and new user accounts into WordPress. I'm wondering if MS SQL Server can connect to MySQL and update the data from within a trigger.


  1. This is awesome! Where is the code? We need to do it for our blog.

  2. Is it possible to integrate wordpress blog with
    If Yes then how?
    Please send me tutorial om my account.
    Thank You.

  3. My website in In this website when member register at that time wordpress blog will be created for that member. For another member another wordpress blog will be created for that member. When member change password in our means website also password will be change for his or her wordpress blog. It means is directly interact with wordpress blog. Is it possible? If yes then how it will be work? Please help me in detail. Thank you.